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Grease Traps for Restaurants and Cafes – We Service all Gold Coast Areas!

Edgewater Plumbing specialise in trade waste, grease trap and arrestor services across the Gold Coast. Grease related drainage issues should be handled by a professional. We have 10 years of experience in the industry and have earned the reputation of being an outstanding provider in repair, maintenance and installations of grease arrestors and grease traps. Our trade waste and grease trap systems are fully compliant, meeting all OH&S requirements.

If you own or operate a factory, cafe, restaurant or workshop on the Gold Coast, you are aware of how often fat, oil and grease is washed down the drain. If you the establishment does not have a grease trap or grease abatement device, serious plumbing problems can result. Pipes become hardened and blocked by fat, oil and grease that forms on the sidewalls. As a safety measure, local and state grease regulations mandate all food service establishments be equipped with grease traps.

Why the Need for Grease Traps?

Not all business establishments require grease traps. However, if you own a restaurant, factory or workshop, you will need a grease trap installed for some basic reasons:

Compliance with grease regulations:
Specific industries, such as the restaurant industry must comply with local, state and federal grease regulations. On the Gold Coast, all food establishments must have a grease trap installed.

Plumbing maintenance:
Grease, fat and oil are damaging to drains and pipes. Overtime, they build up on the sidewalls of the pipes causing blockages and breakdown the pipes resulting in costly repairs.

Aside from causing blockages and overflows, fats, grease, oil and other substances also overload wastewater treatment plants and pollute our rivers and beaches.

Things to Remember…

  • When installing a grease trap, you will need a grease trap to meet your maximum hourly flow now and into the future.
  • Your grease trap should be installed as close to the source (kitchen area) as possible.
  • Install your grease trap so gravity drains the grease trap to the sewer.
  • Be sure your grease trap is regularly cleaned.
  • Allow plenty of space to easily and comfortably be able to inspect and service the grease trap.

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