Edgewater Plumbing offers a variety of services designed to keep your household or commercial property safe from the stress and damage caused by water leaks and other common problems.

Our water leak detection and repair services are truly second-to-none, and you can trust our experts with your Gold Coast plumbing requirements.

Is your water bill higher than normal? Have you received an excess water notice?
Many household leaks remain hidden for long periods of time. You may have a broken or leaking pipe and not even know.

Edgewater Plumbing is there to detect water leaks in your home and yards, and potentially save you thousands of dollars . Leaks are a common problem encountered around any property. It is very hard to find complex and hidden leaks in the property.

Leaks can be extremely risky as a single mysterious leak can create unnecessary stress and expense to your property. Older properties, as well as new properties can have leak problems too. Poor construction, corrosion, ground movement, irregular cleaning and carelessness can cause unexpected pipe damage and leakage.

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